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TangoMelon by Transistor

  • $34.99

Transistor's Tango Melon E-Juice is a full-bodied explosion of fruit galore that could stand as one of juiciest E-Liquids on the market today. This master crafted combination of Watermelons, Mangoes and Limes creates a unique juiciness with some serious all day vape potential. Upon inhale, your tastebuds are greeted with a dripping Watermelon that’s bursting with flavor. The bright Mango undertones weave flawlessly through the ripened Watermelons, leaving an unforgettable first impression. Shy Lime notes occasionally surface during the exhale, lending a citrusy hand that creates an overall cooler vape. Tango Melon vape juice provides a burst of flavor that becomes dangerously hard to put down.

Primary Flavors: Watermelon, Mango, Lime


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